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It takes a lot to get an event to turn out just right. It takes planning, it takes know-how, and above all, it takes experience. At Baseline, we’re continually building on our experience of successful events and extremely satisfied clientele. We consider ourselves to be the best-in-the-business, and we’ve gotten there by consistently working hard to ensure that every detail of every event is perfect. Whether it’s the music, the decor, the photos, or even the booking process, we make sure that every element is exceptional, from initial booking to the final curtain.


DJ services include experienced staff state of the art equipment and presentation. Music for all ages from 1920's to yesterday.

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Photography includes Experiences and professional photographers that take pictures and highly trained staff of editors that put the finishing touches on each of your precious memories...

With the event set, there's just one thing missing. You! So after you've spent so much time organizing and planning so that your special day is absolutely perfect...

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